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Jan 23

Kilner’s Engineering in Brisbane has hit the ground running in 2023 with the recent installation of a Mazak Variaxis C-600 5-axis vertical machining center. 

“The Mazak Variaxis C-600 5 Axis Machining Centre is a class leading piece of equipment and is the first of its model to be installed
in Queensland. It will continue to help us build on our significant vertical integration capability to deliver turnkey products and assemblies using advanced engineering processes to our customers.” said Scott Kilner

The Mazak Variaxis C-600 simultaneous 5-axis vertical machining center uses rigid C-frame construction, a standard 30-tool changer, dual-supported tilting table and fast rapid traverse rates to reduce cycle times on demanding jobs.

Kilner’s Mazak Variaxis C-600 is equipped with the optional high-speed 18,000-rpm spindle which has a spindle motor output of 30/26 kW (40% ED/cont.) and torque of 105/88 Nm (40% ED/cont.)

For control, the Mazak Variaxis C-600 is powered by Mazak’s new Mazatrol SmoothAi CNC, developed specifically to maximise full five-axis machining performance while running peripheral functions, and provide digital enhancements that add efficiency and value throughout the machining process with the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning and advanced data management technology.

Based in Morningside, in Brisbane’s inner south, Kilner’s Engineering is a third generation, family owned general and repetition engineering company offering a broad spectrum of engineering services including cnc turning, cnc machining, laser cutting, abrasive jet cutting, metal folding, and fabrication all under one roof.

Kilner’s was established in 1948 by three Kilner brothers in Coorparoo, before moving to Salisbury in the 1950’s, Bulimba in the 1970’s and finally to a state of the art 2000m2 facility in Morningside, in 2018.

The Variaxis C-600 builds on a long lineage of Mazak equipment installed at Kilner’s Engineering by John Hart which stretches back over 25 years.

“As our advanced manufacturing business has evolved, Mazak and John Hart have been there every step of the way. Starting with a 2kW Mazak STX-48 laser back in 1997, and then with the addition of 4 Axis Machining in 2003 with a VTC200C. From there our fleet of Mazak CNC machining centres and CNC mill-turn lathes has continued to grow, through to the introduction of 5-Axis Machining with the Variaxis C-600.” said Brad Kilner

To complement the new equipment, Kilner’s Engineering has also invested in a 100kW Solar system to reduce their environmental impact and energy consumption by around 38%. With more new equipment and a building extension in the pipeline, Kilner’s have an exciting year ahead.

Based in Brisbane, Kilner’s large format 10kW fiber laser made light work of these shelving brackets. Reaching a feed rate of 30m/min, each component was laser cut in approximately 7 seconds before heading to our 200 tonne brake press for folding.

While these brackets were laser cut from 2mm mild steel, we have the capacity to cut up to 25mm Mild Steel Plate, 32mm Aluminium and 32mm Stainless Steel cost effectively.

Our LVD Fiber Lasers are often fed a diet of 12mm Stainless or 6mm Aluminium, but today they have been feasting on some lightweight 0.55mm Zincanneal. The advanced cutting head on the Fiber Laser cuts at speeds of over 36m/min on this job, ensuring each component was cut in less than three seconds.

If you are looking for a speedy solution to your laser cutting, talk to the team at Kilner’s Engineering.

Laser Cutting Brisbane - Kilner's Engineering
Nov 20

With over 20 years of laser cutting experience Kilner’s Engineering can now offer the latest in fiber laser cutting technology. Our recent installation of a 10kW LVD Phoenix 6020 fiber laser combines the benefits of quality, speed and efficiency with a large 6100 x 2035mm work envelope. We can reliably and efficiently process Aluminium and Stainless Steel in thicknesses from 0.5mm sheet to 32mm plate.

This technology enhances our capability to supply large projects with short lead-times and builds on our integrated approach to design, laser cutting, waterjet cutting, CNC machining, CNC turning, metal folding, fabrication and assembly services within the one facility.

Kilner’s Engineering is an advanced manufacturer with over 70 years of experience and investment in Queensland.

Talk with Brad or Scott Kilner today to see how we can benefit your business and simplify your supply chain.

The technology has been purchased by Kilner’s Engineering as part of the Made in Queensland (MiQ) Program, a Queensland Government initiative providing matched funding to assist manufacturers to become more internationally competitive, adopt new innovative processes and technologies and create high-skilled jobs of the future

Kilner's Engineering Mill Turn Machining Brisbane
Jun 20

Multi-task or Mill-turn machining allows for greater flexibility and better accuracy to be achieved with shorter lead-times.

Kilner’s Engineering offers a range of machining services which include turning, machining and combined mill-turn approaches. Each of the parts has been modelled in Solidworks for drawing approval prior to manufacture. Part 1 is a customised hydraulic fitting machined from 4140, while part 2 is a ball joint for steam and is machined from 316 Grade Stainless Steel.

Kilner's Engineering CNC Turning Brass and Copper Brisbane
May 20

Brass and Copper have a unique range of properties which makes them critical to many industries:
• Electrical and Thermal Conductivity
• Wear and Corrosion Resistance
• Fast and accurate Machining
• Aesthetics and Hygiene.

Kilner’s Engineering have CNC Mill-Turned the Slotted M8 threaded screws, Laser cut the signage from 1.6mm Brass and Copper sheet, and CNC Machined the Earth Bars from 76.2×19.05mm Brass Flat.

We can process the full range of stock sizes in Round, Square, Hex, Flat, Sheet and Plate in-house from our Morningside facility.

Laser Cutting Brisbane - Kilner's Engineering
May 20

Production on the new LVD Fiber Laser is now in full swing at Kilner’s Engineering. Currently it is processing Toolboxes from 2mm 5005 grade Aluminium. These will then be pressed, welded in-house then powder-coated prior to assembly.

Apr 20

Check out the new installation of the LVD Lynx Fiber Laser completed this week at Kilner’s Engineering in Morningside. The machine is fully operational and our team is ready to assist you today!

With over 70 years’ experience and investment in Queensland based manufacturing, we are proud supporters of local, state and Australian industry.

Video by Dirtcomp

Kilner's Engineering Custom Machining Brisbane
Mar 20

Custom machine parts make a regular appearance on the CNC Machines at Kilner’s Engineering. This billet 316 Grade Stainless Steel roller chain sprocket is machined from a piece of 127mm diameter bar and bearings will be pressed in from both sides. It has been redesigned for additional strength and reliability and will be used in the food processing industry.

Mar 20

With 5 second tooling changes, the Kilner’s Engineering CNC Machining Centres make light work of complex components. Starting as a waterjet cut blank, these aluminium mounting plates are machined, drilled and tapped in our VTC200B CNC machining centre ahead of powder-coating and the final assembly. Water-jet cutting the blank in-house prior to CNC machining reduces process time, cost and waste.

Check out the video below…


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