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Kilner's Engineering Custom Machining Brisbane
Mar 20

Custom machine parts make a regular appearance on the CNC Machines at Kilner’s Engineering. This billet 316 Grade Stainless Steel roller chain sprocket is machined from a piece of 127mm diameter bar and bearings will be pressed in from both sides. It has been redesigned for additional strength and reliability and will be used in the food processing industry.

Mar 20

With 5 second tooling changes, the Kilner’s Engineering CNC Machining Centres make light work of complex components. Starting as a waterjet cut blank, these aluminium mounting plates are machined, drilled and tapped in our VTC200B CNC machining centre ahead of powder-coating and the final assembly. Water-jet cutting the blank in-house prior to CNC machining reduces process time, cost and waste.

Check out the video below…


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