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Laser Cutting Brisbane Kilners Engineering

Kilner’s Engineering can laser cut a variety of materials accurately and efficiently at our Brisbane factory.

Laser cutting has many advantages over Plasma, Oxy, Guillotining, Cropping and Punching.  It is fast to setup from one material to the next and no special tooling is required.  Compared to Oxy and Plasma cutting it only has a small heat affected zone and no mechanical stresses are applied to the material unlike Punching and Guillotining.  Laser cut parts have a high accuracy, a good cut quality and finished parts come straight from the machine.

Finished parts are produced straight from the laser with clean dross free edges on most materials, therefore grinding or finishing is generally not required.  Parts can be accurately and efficiently prototyped before going to full production.  Once a component has been laser cut it can then be folded, formed or machined as required.


Specifications Large Format

Max Sheet Size – 6100 x 2050mm

Max Cutting Thickness

Aluminium – 32mm

Brass and Copper – 32mm

Stainless Steel – 32mm

Steel – 25mm



Aluminium – 5005 / 5052 / 5083 / 6061

Brass – C272 / C260

Copper – C11000 / C12200

Galvanised Steel

High Strength Steel – Bisalloy / Domex / Strenx / Weldox / 80 / 700

High Abrasion Steel or Quench & Tempered Steel – Bisalloy / Domex / Hardox / 400 / 450 / 500

Mild Steel – Grade 250 / Grade 350 / Floor Plate

Stainless Steel – Austenitic 304/304L / 316/316L

Stainless Steel – Duplex 2205

Weathering Steel – HW350 / Corten

Zinc Anneal Sheet



High quality

High accuracy

Cost effective

Fast setup

Narrow kerf width

Short delivery times

Minimal heat affected zone

Clean cut edges


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