Kilner's Engineering has a flexible range of turning options available.  Investment in high quality Japanese Machine Tools means we can offer a reliable and efficient machining service.  Our equipment is programmed and operated by highly experienced tradesmen, this means we can deliver high quality parts with efficiency.

We are setup to handle both simple and complex items.  We have a number of 2 Axis lathes which are capable of rapidly producing simple turned components with high accuracy to a budget.  We also have multi axis lathes capable of producing complex parts requiring turning, milling, drilling, tapping broaching etc in one setup.  The same machine is then able to work on the back of the part through using a second spindle.  The finished component is then deposited into a catcher, while the machine starts on the next component.

CNC Turning Technical

Work Envelope
  • ø380 x 1014mm
  • ø77 Bar-feed Capacity
Additional Features
  • High Torque 26kW Spindles
  • Up to 5000 RPM Spindles
  • Mill / Turn Capacity
  • Automatic bar feeding
  • Automatic part catching
  • Secondary Spindle
  • Large range of tooling
  • Thread Milling
Standard Tolerance
  • As per requirements

CNC Materials

  • Aluminium
  • Brass / Copper
  • Engineering Plastics
  • High Tensile Steels
  • Mild Steel
  • Quench & Temper Plate
  • Stainless Steel
  • Most other engineering materials